Last night while watching Channel 7 Eyewitness News, first story out of the box is “Breaking News”, which generally it is.

“Breaking News” says Joe Torres, or Sandra Bookman (I forget which one). “Barbara Walters will be retiring in the summer of 2014…but she won’t be going away!”

Or words to that effect!

Thank you Channel 7 for scaring the crap out of us!

I thought the world was coming to an end. In fact, anytime the phrase “breaking news” comes on the TV, you can’t help but think that way.

Perhaps we’ve been conditioned since 9/11 to feel that way.

But do you feel the expression “Breaking News” is over used, and would you consider Barbara Walters retirement in the category “Breaking News”!

For the record, I know she roamed with the dinosaurs; and yes, she’ an excellent interviewer.

But please, “breaking news” should be saved for something a little more important than the planned retirement of a TV personality.

I guess a little less fanfare would have been sufficient, and possibly at the top of the newscast, since like I said, she's been around for as long as she's been.

Here’s the way CNN announced it:

It still scares me anytime I see that expression. It's like the "boy that cried wolf" syndrome.

Just sitting around waiting for the next "breaking news" story to hit!

What say you?