There's been a lot of talk surrounding the billions of dollars projected to be spent by the Port Authority of NY & NJ on a new bus terminal in NYC. There seems to be a consensus that the building needs to be rebuilt or an entire new location needs to be found. What lacks consensus is the location of the new terminal.

Most lawmakers in NJ and NY have accepted that the location will be in NYC. Sounds like it makes sense right? Buses going from NJ to NYC daily carrying thousands of commuters to their day jobs in the City. Commuters boarding in their hometowns without having to change vehicles. Of course, those buses line up for long delays trying to get through the Lincoln tunnel and oftentimes that ride to the city can take twice as long as expected.

So how is a new bus terminal gonna help average commuter save time and aggravation on the trip? Bottom line is, it won't. Enter an idea from Dianne Doctor, the GM for Channel 9 in Secaucus, NJ. She thinks that the terminal should be built in NJ. And although commuters will have to get off the bus onto a train, the time it takes to get to NYC will be greatly reduced.

The idea that the PANYNJ is already planning to spend more than $7 billion on a project that won;t be completed until 2030 shows that for most of us, there won't be any benefit. Additionally, there is a plan for additional train tunnels which could potentially be completed within a similar time frame.

Imagine cutting out delays and freeing up traffic on the crossings for driving commuters? Gas savings, time savings...and a brand new terminal creating jobs in New Jersey. It's at least worth a discussion right? So far we haven't hear much from the Trenton politicians...where are they?

Senator Bob Gordon at least spoke up about concerns about the cost. Let's face it, the port authority staying on time and on budget? not likely. I'd like to see what NJ politician has the courage to speak for us. The middle and working class families in New Jersey that are tired of taking a back seat to New York. Speak for Jersey.

Commonsense will tell you that there has to be a discussion of the terminal being in NJ. I thought NJ and NY were equal partners? Are the democrats catering to a future presidential candidate in Gov. Cuomo? Are the GOPers cowering for fear of upsetting whatever back room deal might be in place? You don;t have to look far for corruption in New Jersey. Take a listen to my conversation with Dianne and let me know what you think.


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