You can rate a car, you can rate a restaurant, now you can rate a person, and they can rate you. Meet the new “Peeple” app that makes your life one giant comments section.

Hopefully you can take the criticism because people who make comment on these type of platforms normally use them as a place to vent their sarcasm. Ever read a comments section after a news story? How about your own Facebook posts?

This “Peeple” app could and probably will take cyber bullying to a new level. It may even cause depression for those whose skin isn’t quite thick enough to read criticism of themselves. Don’t we have enough to worry about without having to car about what other people are writing about us?

Granted people voice their opinions about us all the time but it’s much more permanent when it’s written down. People change, your opinion of them can also, but once it's written it’s there forever for all to see. Is this really a good idea? Take the poll below.