I’ve seen it written that quite a bit has been made of the crash causing serious injury to comedian Tracy Morgan.

And that since it is Morgan, more is being made of it.

I can’t deny the veracity of that. It seems like had it been a regular Joe and not a high profile TV personality, the news would have been much shorter lived than it is.

But since it does involve Morgan, do you feel the coverage is warranted in that it highlights a problem that many of us face. Which is to say that of sharing the road with drivers who are overtired.

Last night we talked about who’s the more dangerous – truck drivers or those who drive cars – and while the vast majority said car drivers – we still can’t escape the fact that some truck drivers are hauling their freight well past their allotted times.

Often times at the behest of their employers who demand their products get to their destinations at a certain time.

With the coverage being what it is, would we not have brought attention to the law prohibiting truck drivers from driving for hours on end.

The law is known as Maggie’s Law – a measure passed in large part by State Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Human nature being what it is – I’d bet that had it been someone not having the cache of a Tracy Morgan, the law would have been given cursory mention – this despite the fact that we’re coming up on the anniversary of the death of the individual after whom the law is named.

Is the coverage of the crash involving TV personality Tracy Morgan excessive?