While New Jersey would have their teachers be nothing more than PARCC proctors, Nicholas Ferroni of Union High School continues to drive home his lessons with creativity. Check out his class “Field Tripped” video, where he teaches the class about what women in congress have to deal with.

Ferroni was voted 'The Sexiest Teacher” by People magazine and has made it onto the ABC's “The People's List,” which aired during the summer. Is sexiness a quality you're looking for in a teacher? I was tweeted that when I had Ferroni on my show and it's a fair point.

I texted Nick who replied: “he's entitled to his opinion and it shouldn't be a teacher's best quality." He went on to say "it shouldn't be a teacher's important quality and it is definitely not my best quality as an educator.” He is definitely right about that as Ferroni has also been named one of the top 50 educators as well as one of the 25 fittest men in the world” by Men's Fitness magazine.

Sexy is so far down the list of Ferroni's attributes, but is it important? I think so. Since sex is used to get the message out in almost everything we see and hear, a sexy teacher who can command the attention of their student has a big advantage, and when that teacher has all that Ferroni brings to the table, it's a definite plus.

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