The people of Texas take their high school football very seriously. After her team lost 91-0, a mother filed a bullying complaint against the other team's coaching staff, according to CBS Dallas.

I am definitely old school on this one; if losing by a large margin bothers you, play better. The entire point of playing a game, any kind of game, is to find out which team is better, and, secondarily, by how much. For little kids, I can see having a mercy rule as you don't want to ruin their love of the sport before it has had time to take root, but by the time they're in high school they should be able to withstand the embarrassment that comes with a lopsided loss.

The coach of the winning team, Aledo High, was quoted as saying "I would never ask our kids not to play hard. I would never tell them, 'Go out and let them score.'" Aledo did take our their starters at half time when they were up 56-0 and fair caught everything, but they were just that much better. The superintendent of the Aledo school district says they will take the bullying complaint as seriously as they do all bullying complaints and investigate it.

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