NJ has the nations toughest anti bullying laws. We’ve got a Governor who has been accused of bullying at his town hall meetings.  We’ve got a state university that has fired a coach after a video came out of him abusing his players and uttering gay slurs. At that same university a student jumped off the George Washington Bridge after being secretly recorded in a gay encounter by his roommate.

Tyler Clementi (Facebook)

Fifteen year old Lennon Baldwin took his life in an alleged bullying incident.

Another teenager is suing both the Hunterton Central Board of Education and the Flemington Raritan Board of Education alleging he was bullied by both students and school employees.

All of these cases begs the question, Is New Jersey a bully state? Or is this what we mean by Jersey attitude? Perhaps not everyone got the memo that the rules have changed or at least the perceptions of what was acceptable.

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