Last week I brought up the fact that several houses in my neighborhood had their Christmas lights up and on the day after Halloween. Is November 1st too soon? It certainly isn't for stores, then again they have a motive.

This weekend I found out a friend ours had gone to a Babies R Us the same day I was noticing the Christmas lights, and sure enough, the retailer was already playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. She turned to another woman in line and started complaining about it only to have the woman remark how wonderful it was. So there you go.

My wife went to a Kohl's on Sunday looking for something Thanksgiving themed for Atticus to wear and found nothing but Christmas stuff. She asked an employee and was told that Thanksgiving items had already been pulled so they could start pushing Christmas and that maybe something Thanksgiving "might be found in the clearance rack." Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but oh well.

This is what Christmas has become. A retailer juggernaut that the earlier it's pushed, the earlier customers bite. Some folks love getting in the mood earlier. One reason retailers love it is when some people get their Christmas shopping done early, those folks feel a little left out when the big push is on and end up going back out and buying more the final week when they didn't originally intend to. The earlier the decorations go up, the earlier the songs are played, the more money the company makes. To me it's too soon. Too much of a thing waters it down and leaves it feeling less special by the time the holiday is finally here. Too much advance hype.

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