What’s the worst punishment you can give your child without actually getting physical? How about taking away Christmas? That’s what an Australian mom is thinking for her ten year old daughter who repeatedly stole money from her and her husband. She posed the question to the “School Mum” Facebook page and was inundated with responses.

The woman explained that she routinely gives her daughter money for treats. And since the little girl doesn’t really watch TV or play with any devices, she said that she and her husband are at a loss over what sort of punishment they should give the child.

She also doesn’t want to take her out of sports because that wouldn’t be fair to the teams.

If I was handing down the punishment, I'd find some other way to reprimand her or this mother will forever be referred to as “Momma Grinch.”

What would you do? What’s the worst punishment you ever gave or have been given?