Many children have left their kids in the for short periods of time to run errands, and for a long time, it wasn't considered an unusual habit. As times are changing, leaving your child in the car, no matter how long, is slowly being considered child abuse - and could get you in trouble in the law. 

Flickr User Andrew Currie

Kim Brooks shared how her decision to briefly leave her son in the car changed her life. She was in a hurry to run an errand, and her son was not cooperating with her. Brooks decided to let her son stay in the car and continue playing while she ran in. She stated that she spent a short amount of time in the store, and her son was not in any obvious trouble inside the car.

While she was in the store, someone video taped her son in the car and sent the tape to the police. Brooks had to go to court, and worked out a community service and parental education deal because of her actions.

While it is important to make sure your kids are safe, are you really doing anything wrong if you leave your kid in the car in a comfortable setting?

Should leaving your child in the car get you in trouble with the law? Is it a form of child abuse?