For those who don't know, late night host Jimmy Kimmel has made a tradition of encouraging parents to play a prank on their children right after Halloween in which they're told the parents ate all of their Halloween candy and capture the moment the children start crying on video. Some kids wail. Some kids tell their parents they hate them. The kids become very, very upset before being told that it's a prank.

Former prank show master Peter Funt, son of Candid Camera's Allen Funt, wrote this guest column appearing in the Jersey Journal today. Funt calls this a form of child abuse - purposely provoking a child to real tears for 'entertainment' sake.

So is he right? Consider the one child standing by his bed reduced to tears and screaming "I hate you" followed by his mother revealing she didn't actually eat all his candy and his saying of the prank, still through tears, "Well that's not very kind!" Does he have a point?