As the sea level rises The Garden State could be at risk for being the newest addition to the Atlantic Ocean.

Reports state that the sea level on the Atlantic Ocean including the areas of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts have been rising four times faster than the global average. This stretch of land in danger is considered one of the world's most densely populated coastal areas.

The localized acceleration has been caused by melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, as it enters the ocean it disrupts the circulation causing the Gulf Stream to weaken and then in turn creating violent tropical storms during the winter months.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) released that the since 1990 the sea has risen an average of one millimeter per year.  If the global temperatures keep rising, we could expect to see the coast line rise up to 30 centimeters by 2100.

Kara Doran of the USGS stated that with the increase in temperature we can expect "increased beach erosion and more frequent coastal flooding".

So we could be looking at a shorter commute down the shore every weekend, and less of a walk from the boardwalk to the ocean in Wildwood!

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The AFP contributed to this report.