Our favorite Jersey local singer joined me in studio today. Jax from East Brunswick who was a top three finalize on American Idol and has several new singles out joined us for a conversation about music, her career, her fight against cancer and...#TheMuffinJoke.

Dan Zarrow thought it would be a good idea to have Jax, who has never heard the joke, read it on air. So she did...and she started laughing before the punch line. Then she shared the pencil joke. Many of you thought it was funnier than the Muffin joke.

Jessica Nutt was there taping a segment for Chasing News and she was more than happy to share #TheMarshmallowJoke. So the question is, what's your fave?

I'll share the winning joke with the audience at our next comedy event on March 2 at Catch a Rising Star in Princeton.

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