I just saw a TV commercial for the "Bullseye" store, telling me that "The Holidays are coming!"

In an age when "Back To School Sales" start in early July...and  "Halloween Stores" open right around Labor Day...is it too early for Santa?

It used to be that the Christmas sales (the "holiday" push) started the day after Thanksgiving.

Walking around the store on Friday, if I faced one way, I saw this:

A Jack-o-Lantern-palooza! (Craig Allen photo)

When I turned around, I saw this:

The Jersey Branch of Santa's Workshop. (Craig Allen photo)

And, I kept hearing on the speakers overhead: "Layaway starts earlier than ever this year...so you have more time to pay..."

Welcome...Christmas. (Craig Allen photo)

I'm no Grinch...I love Christmas! (Hey, its my birthday, after all). I understand in the present economy, everyone is doing what they can to make a sale. But, am I right that "Christmas" seems to come earlier every year? And, when is TOO early?

Your thoughts below.

When it comes to Christmas music, there's something for everyone! (Craig Allen photo)

By the way, I bought a few Christmas music CDs to add to my collection...