The last time I was down the Shore to spend a day was when the weather was just beginning to change.

I always like to spend some time in Ocean Grove, eating in one of the outdoor cafes, and maybe even taking in a show at the Great Auditorium.

So you can imagine how I felt when my wife and I took a ride down the Shore one Saturday night just to see if there’d been any progress in the rehabilitation.

Still looked to me like they were behind schedule; especially the stretch from Belmar down to Spring Lake, which seemed to take the brunt of the beating.

But had you watched any of the TV news yesterday, Asbury was bustling as was Belmar.

But Mantaloking is still a far ways off from seeing life get back to normal.

And while we weren’t taking any pictures, there was still this twinge of guilt over going down the Shore to take what some might call “the Disaster Tour!”

Nobody but nobody revels in the thought, “look at those poor bastards who’ve lost everything!” But there’s still that curiosity factor.

And while I could remember back in the few days after Sandy hit, the Nikons were out as cars drove by what used to be houses.
One resident was bemoaning the fact that “Disaster Tours” were taking place in his nabe, and how tacky it al way.

So I wonder, even though parts of the shore are back, do you feel it’s tacky to take pictures of some of the remaining devastation down the shore?