Do you cry at work? You're not the only one. Many bosses understand that sometimes you just have to let loose, according to a new Accountemps survey.

About 45 percent of employees surveyed have admitted they cry at work and 44 percent of chief financial officers say shedding tears is acceptable as long as it's not an everyday event.

Ryan Gatto, the regional vice president of Robert Half, a staffing agency in Saddlebrook, says there are many reasons why people cry on the job, from an overbearing boss to a combative co-worker to simply messing up.

"People deal with things outside of work that could impact their emotions while they are doing their responsibilities at work," says Gatto.

Another reason for waterworks at the office might be because of the unbearable workload. If someone is totally overwhelmed, he or she may just let their emotions go.

The survey also finds that workers older than 55 are more likely to think that crying does not affect one's reputation.

Showing emotion at the office can be seen as a sign of weakness but Gatto says many people do realize that there are going to be times when someone is going to get emotional.

Gatto says crying at work can have an impact on a person's reputation in the workplace.

"If it's something that persistently happens, if it's something that's happening on a daily, or weekly or monthly basis, then there could be definitely some perception that the person is incapable of performing their duties," he says.

But if it's a rare occurrence, Gatto believes the person's reputation is not going to be damaged.

However, there are ways to keep your emotions in check. Gatto says to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Step out of the office for a bit and gather yourself. He says use the quiet time for self-reflection and ask yourself what is truly upsetting you. Just taking that moment to reflect will allow you to prevent yourself from getting all emotional in front of co-workers and bosses.

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