It's that time of year again - college seniors will be taking the stage to receive their hard earned diplomas. Or will they? 

Natalie Cass, Getty Images

Today, Dennis and Judi brought up the point that many students don't feel the need to participate in their graduation ceremonies. Some parents also don't want to go to their kid's commencement ceremonies because they take long amounts of time. There is also a lot of traveling involved, and sometimes parents are even forced to stay overnight in the city of their child's college. These people feel that the 'special' moment of walking onstage and receiving a diploma, is not worth the hassle that it takes to get there.

Other students feel that their graduation ceremony is a rite of passage, and they couldn't imagine missing out on a day that they worked so hard to earn.

Do you think it's important to walk in a graduation ceremony? Or is it something you can skip because it's not a big deal, or not worth all of the hassle that comes with it.