I saw this cooler sitting out in the snow the other day, and I laughed!

I just had to snap this picture! Afterwards, I started thinking: is it cooler inside the cooler...or outside the cooler?

The cooler hasn't moved in days...so...

With today's bitter temperatures, and ridiculous (obscene) wind chills, I decided that this would be the perfect time to conduct a very unscientific "scientific experiment!"

First, I placed my thermometer outside the cooler for an hour, to get an accurate "outside" reading. The test period was from 1:00 til 2:00 this afternoon.

I used another source as a temperature "control," as my house thermometer sits in the direct sun in the afternoon. (Craig Allen photo).

As you can see, I did not place the test thermometer in the direct sun.

Here's the reading after one hour outside the cooler: 18 degrees. (Craig Allen photo).

Also, as the cooler is sitting against the house, it is protected from the 25+ mph winds.

A "balmy" 70 degree "reset" reading, inside the house, from 2-3pm. (Craig Allen photo).

At 2:00, I took the thermometer inside the warm house, to let it "reset" for an hour (above).

The warm thermometer is placed inside the cooler, and the mercury is dropping...FAST! (Craig Allen photo).

Then, I placed the thermometer inside the cooler, and closed the lid.

Once again, my "control" temperature reading...it only changed 1 degree during the total test time. (Craig Allen photo).

The time period in question: 3-4:00pm this afternoon.

When I take the lid off the cooler, I see:

The reading inside the "insulated" cooler: 22 degrees. (Craig Allen photo).

The results speak for themselves....

Today, it was COOLER outside the cooler!

And I almost got frostbite for this?