A New Jersey lawmaker is pushing a plan to create a statute of limitations for minor motor vehicle violations.

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Assemblyman Ronald Dancer says such legislation is necessary after one of his constituents received a warrant for his arrest in the mail for an unpaid overdue inspection sticker that was originally issued 40 years ago.

"You cannot make this stuff up - this is a government money grab that only could happen in New Jersey," Dancer says. "This is an unwarranted, unreasonable money grab. It's gotta stop."

Dancer points out there's a statute of limitations for disorderly persons - that's 1 year, felonies are 5 years, and official misconduct has a 7 year statute of limitations.

"Along with murder and rape there is no statute of limitations for a minor motor vehicle violation."

He says a few years ago the Legislature passed a law that allows municipal courts to appoint a private collection agency that can go out and pursue delinquent tickets and summonses. The municipality would not have to pay for this service because their incentive is the private collection agency will be paid through commissions on the amount of revenues it brings in to the local government.

"It becomes a money grab," he says. "When you're talking about situations where there are minor, non-moving motor vehicle violations like a car inspection sticker that's overdue, it's gotta stop."

Dancer adds the Office of Legislative Services is reviewing the matter, and will soon recommend how long of a statute of limitations would be proper for minor motor vehicle violations.