Whether or not you feel the sign in the window of Skuby and Company in Spring Lake was a show of intolerance, then why is it that those who consider themselves “liberal” are so intolerant of anyone who doesn’t share their viewpoint and march in lockstep with them?

Take for example the case of actress Stacey Dash.

You may remember her opposite Alicia Silverstone in the movie “Clueless.”
(Good movie, by the way!)

As an African American; there must be some unwritten code that she support the reelection of President Obama.

Au contraire…and here’s where the intolerance lies.

“Clueless” actress Stacey Dash was met with a flurry of racist tweets after she publicly announced her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, with one particularly offensive Twitter user calling her an “indoor slave.”

The racist tweets set off a barrage of conversations over Twitter on Tuesday, with many condemning the comments and expressing support for the actress.

Dash, 46, tweeted late Sunday to “vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,” and included a picture of herself wearing a tight red top in front of an American flag.

Within moments, supporters and detractors replied. “She’s an indoor slave, you know that,” wrote Sherrick W., who tweets as @SimplySher.

Another user also invoked slavery to criticize Dash.

“You ready to head back the fields, jig---oo” wrote a user named Brooke.

A male user who opposed Dash’s political leanings called her a ‘slut’ in a poorly grammaticized tweet.

“This hurts but you a Romney lover and you slutting yourself to the white man only proves why no black man married u @REALStaceyDash,” wrote a man with the Twitter handle Mr. Yeah.

The racially charged tweets also provided fodder for Romney supporters accusing Democrats of hypocrisy when it comes to race issues.

“Racist Dems going back to their KKK roots attacking black actress, @REALStaceyDash, for endorsing #Romney,” said Russ Smith. He describes himself as retired from the U.S. Army and a former teacher.

Hypocrisy….most definitely…given the premise that “liberal”, to me at least, means liberal in thought…open to all ideas and possibilities…like the possibility that an African American can actually endorse a candidate of their choosing not of their own background.

And yet to be publically reviled for making such a choice; and to be referred to in the worst possible ethnic stereotypes.

Liberal = anything but tolerant of others!