“Smh” as they say in internet lingo.

I read with amazement the fact that the operators of the 9/11 museum will be opening a gift shop on the grounds of the museum.

And while the idea of it is really repugnant to me to buy a “tchotchke” of one of the worst tragedies to befall us, do you find it all that much so?

Here’s the reason why I question it.

The museum costs money to run. Originally I wasn’t in favor of charging $22 to enter the museum, but the upkeep demands there be a budget to run it.

Wouldn’t a gift shop go toward that end as well?
Still, it’s hard for me to swallow, as it is for many that offered their reactions in an article in the NY Post.


Folks buy 9/11 memorial pieces all the time. Whether it’s decals of the Twin Towers, or “Never Forget” stickers, someone’s making money off the sale of those items.

And where is the money going but in the pockets of the merchants and manufacturers that create these items.

As much as I find the idea of a 9/11 “gift show” on the grounds of the museum distasteful – you can always vote with your feet and decide not to stop in.