Can State Senator Barbara Buono beat Governor Chris Christie in this year's gubernatorial election?  Most political experts say no.  But Buono doesn't agree.

Barbara Buono (Facebook)

Buono remains the only official gubernatorial candidate the Democrats have. Buono knows name recognition is crucial and said she's building hers every day, "I'm confident that once people get to know me and my message that my name recognition will grow."

Asked what she thinks when she hears so-called experts say that Christie can't be beaten, Buono said Christie has been in office for over three years and voters should remember that New Jersey still has the highest-in-the-nation property taxes, a very high unemployment rate and we're lagging in job creation.

"Being in denial about our problems isn't going to solve them," said Buono."I feel very strongly that New Jersey, We can be better. New Jersey is hurting."

Does Governor Christie think he's unstoppable?

In a one-on-one interview in his office about a month ago, Christie said, "At the end of the day if the people of the state believe I've done a good job I believe they'll return me to office and if they come to the conclusion that I haven't then they'll look for an alternative and only at that time assess the alternative whoever that may be."

Christie explained, "I think they're (voters) going to make an evaluation of what kind of Governor have I been? Have I been the kind of Governor I said I was going to be? Have I kept my word? Have I told them the truth? I think if they draw those conclusions I don't think they're going to see any reason to change horses in mid-stream."

We are losing good jobs to other states said Buono, and the top priority must be creating opportunities for New Jerseyans to have good paying jobs. She said, "I just don't see that this Governor has focused on that. Too many people are being left out of the equation. The middle class is struggling to pay their mortgages and their property taxes."

Christie said he's created over 100,000 private-sector jobs since taking office and that he's held property taxes increases to the lowest levels in decades.