Deminski & Doyle were discussing traffic tickets today and wondering if a lot of New Jerseyans have ever forgot to pay one. Quickly, the phone lines lit up with people who forgot traffic tickets from up to 25 years ago! Some stories we heard ended in suspended licenses, some short jail time or hefty fines. Others were just told to be more careful next time.


I was given a traffic warning a few years ago in an upper-class town in Monmouth County. The officer who issued the warning, which was for having expired registration, accidentally entered that it was a summons into the system. Since the police department had me down for a violation, and I didn't know, weeks went by without me paying my fine or showing up to a designated court-date. Shortly after, a warrant was out for my arrest.

After paying a hefty fine, the issue was behind me, but that was a pain! Have you ever forgotten to pay a traffic ticket for any reason? Take our poll and share your story in the comment section below.