I would say this new study is BS, but according to the results of a new study out today,
Facebook posting is comparable to the enjoyment you get from sex and food.

Here’s what’s scary about it.

One can easily draw the conclusion that sex will be replaced by posting on Facebook, or some such other site.

And you have to admit, as much as we eschew the findings of the study, we still revel in the technological advances made in the past few years.

So I actually do see the point being made by the study.

That is…when one posts on Facebook, and gets responses, it’s as though you’re being given a certain amount of “attention” from the “friend”…so much so that the chemical reaction in the brain mimics that which you’d get during sex.

The study, released by Harvard University, and published last month in an edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that social media outlets give way to an increased rate of “self-disclosure.”

The increase in “self-disclosure” leads to a spike in the amount of dopamine produced based on the pleasure or anticipation of a reward as a result of a social-media post being viewed, according to the research.

Makes sense to me.

But still, it’s not like anything can replace sex!

Or can it?

So in line with that, are you posting a status update on Facebook as often as you have sex.

Comment as you see fit.