You may or may not have ever heard Dane Cook's standup routine, but there's no doubt you've heard his name. His comedy career peaked between 2005-2009. At one point, he was selling out Madison Square Garden. Since then, he has focused on his acting career. It has not taken off, and his status as a top-selling stand up comedian has since taken a hit.

I recently stumbled upon Dane Cook's Facebook page that he opened up to the public. He posts updates on a pretty regular basis, often trying to be funny. The sad part is, he isn't. He comes across like he's trying too hard to impress his 4.1 million Facebook followers. I never thought his comedy routine was all that great, but I understood why people liked him. I sincerely hope he isn't testing new jokes on his fans on social media.

Check out some of his jokes bad attempts at humor below.

Dane Cook Facebook

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