I'm finally getting serious about getting rid of all my stuff that has remained in storage for over a year. I can't see anytime soon I'll be in a bigger place, and all of this extra furniture is just sitting there and costing me money every month, while losing value every month it gets older. So, it's either donate it all to charity for a big tax write-off, or possibly attempt to sell it all online.

The only way I can think to do this is Craigslist. However, I've heard so many horror stories. There was one that made the news just today about a guy who sold an iPhone for $400 then found out later the woman got his phone but had given him all counterfeit bills.

What's been your experience with Craigslist? Have you had success? Or have you had problems? Take our poll and please leave your story below and/or any advice in the comment section below. I could sure use it!