Colleges and universities are becoming less and less affordable for many, and community colleges are becoming the better choice for potential students.

(Carlos de Andres, Cover/Getty Images)

Many may look at community college with skepticism. Potential students might feel that they will not receive the same education as they would if they attended a four year program. Others think that it might look better to have a big name college or university on a resume.

Callers of the Dennis and Judi show expressed their feelings about community colleges. Many had said it was a great option to start off a college education. Going through a two year program is a great start for a student to figure out what career she'd like to pursue. Another appeal to community college is the smaller number of students in each class. Community college students feel that they get a better learning experience because they are not 'just a number.'

Community college students also feel that their experience prepared them to go away to college once they completed their two year program.

Do you think community college is a better choice than studying at a college or university for all four years?