In fourteen hundred ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and when it comes to his holiday, many say “screw you.”  Columbus Day has got to be the most indecisive of all holidays.  This morning after dropping my sons off at school, I went to the bank only to find out that it was closed for Columbus Day. Figuring since the schools were open, I had a shot with the post office but no go there as well. It was closed for Columbus Day, yet the schools were open.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

I remember getting Columbus Day off when I went to school. In fact I remember big parades like the one  they had in New York with tens of thousands of people,  Columbus Day was huge in my Italian neighborhood in Union City (waaaay back when ;) In fact the Sopranos used it in an episode: (CAREFUL: Not Safe for work language)

This weekend and the weekend coming up, there will be Columbus Day parades and celebrations all aver New Jersey.  Yet the schools remain open. How do you celebrate Columbus Day and do you think the schools should be closed? Please take our poll.