It’s one thing to write a couple of songs about the American condition over a period of a few years. It’s another thing to spend over forty years in reflection of what the times are like in that moment. It’s another thing to have your work exhibited in the National Constitution Center.

Whether you agree or not, Bruce Springsteen may be the greatest American songwriter ever. The young boy who wrote about growing up in Freehold and the Jersey shore managed to expand those ideas to reflect the plight of people all over the country. His lyrics make grown men cry and he knows it. He hits us right where we live and if that isn’t the purpose of a song I don’t know what is.


Night after night Bruce continues to drive those ideas home in concerts that now last up to 4 hours. Night after night he gets his message across. That message will resonate through the future generations like those of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger have.


The man who inducted Bob Dylan into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame may now be his equal. If Dylan changed rock n roll then Springsteen definitely advanced the ball.  The former drummer for Bruce Springsteen, Vinnie “Mad Dog” Lopez  joined Steve Trevelise and Joe Votruba Wednesday to discuss Bruce’s early years writing songs.