So I'm heading to Atlantic City today.

It's a business trip, but I hope to be able to take a little time to walk around see what's "new." Governor Christie has invested a lot of time and your money into remaking Atlantic City into a Jewel by the Sea...a Vegas of the East...and a family destination spot. One of the biggest hurdles to this ambitious goal is we've heard it all before.

How many other administrations touted the wonders of Atlantic City? How many other times have they promised a rebirth? Have you heard past promises of making AC a family destination?

I visit Atlantic City several times a year. Mostly for business, sometimes for pleasure. I have yet to see any real changes that would make me rush home, grab my kids, and go back. But at no time in the history of Atlantic City has it been more critical that this latest effort to revitalize this region be successful.

As Christie has said, "We can't afford to fail."