In the wake of the death of a couple of inmates at the Burlington County Jail under mysterious circumstances, some residents are calling for the Attorney General to hold an independent investigation.

One of those deaths involved 75-year old Robert Taylor – who was believed to be a homeless alcoholic, and was allowed to die in what’s called a turtle suit smeared in his own urine and feces.

Witnesses claim that guards made degrading remarks toward the man over the course of the 5 days that the man had been placed in that cell – without having being given anything to eat.

Officials at the jail claim the man exhibited bizarre behavior – necessitating the need to put him in solitary.

At the Burlington County Freeholders meeting Wednesday evening, county resident Paul Bracy called for an independent investigation into the death of 75-year-old Robert Taylor.

“Quite frankly, legislative leaders, the report that was filed by your prosecutor’s office is a sham and insulting,” Bracy said. “An independent investigation is in order.”

And Taylor isn’t the only prisoner to die there under suspicious circumstances.

According to this Trentonian report: Former Burlington County Jail inmate Jerome Iozzia, who had also witnessed the treatment of Taylor, himself died February 25th due to a heart condition that largely went ignored. It was reported that 50-year-old Iozzia had a known cardiac condition which he was hospitalized for, and then returned to the jail.


Arpert says Iozzia was in a medical cell brushing his teeth when he suddenly collapsed, and that the hospital ruled his death the result of “natural causes.”

Iozzia’s death certificate says he died of pneumonia/empyema/sepsis, and that the interval between onset and death was four days.

While I’m sure that horror stories abound at just about every penal institution in the country, and that sympathy for the condition of prisoners is going to be a low priority for the general public; do you feel that prisoners should be left to die while ignoring some of their basic needs?

Not to rule out the possibility of how some prisoners will look to get over on corrections officials, but still …..

A civilized society like ours would never let that happen.