It's that time of year again, tax return season. The Internal Revenue Service is urging all New Jerseyans to take advantage of its electronic filing service.

More than 112 million income tax returns were e-filed last year, or 77 percent of all returns filed. "The fastest way to get a refund is by e-filing and using direct deposit," said IRS spokeswoman Dianne Besunder. "Taxpayers can get their money automatically in as few as ten days."

For people who owe money, e-file offers payment alternatives such as filing now and scheduling payment on the April tax deadline. Taxpayers who still want to pay by check can do so by e-filing and then mailing a payment voucher.

"If you want to e-file, you can do so in one of three ways," said Besunder. "You can go through a tax preparer, through self-preparation software or through IRS Free File. E-filing is much more accurate. When we see paper returns, we see a 20 percent error rate. With electronically filed returns, we see an error rate of less than one percent," said Besunder.

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