The two leading Republican presidential candidates are leaving Iowa's stage to their rivals just three days before the state's Republican caucus.

Mitt Romney is scheduled to campaign in New Hampshire today while Ron Paul is taking time off in his home state of Texas. Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry all remain in Iowa, working to win over the many still-undecided voters.

Romney and Paul are positioned to do well. They are leading in recent polls and have the money and organization to turn supporters out to caucus Tuesday night.

But other candidates still see a chance in what's become a volatile race, with candidate after candidate rising only to quickly fall.

Santorum is the latest to rise and he's been drawing larger and larger crowds in recent days.

Meanwhile, Gingrich has fallen behind as negative ads batter him on the airwaves and in mailboxes.

Bachmann's campaign is also struggling, with key staffers leaving and some activists urging her to drop out of the race.

Romney is expected back in Iowa later in the day.


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