INXS may become Broadway’s ‘New Sensation!'

The Australian rock band INXS which exploded in the 80’s with such hits as "New Sensation,” “What You Need,” ‘The One Thing” only to have their lead singer Michael Hutchence commit suicide in 1997 may bring their story to the Broadway stage.

Chris Murphy — the band’s manager from 1980 to 1995, who returned in 2008 — is in talks with a director to take on the project.

The band had a resurgence last year in Australia after a movie on the group “INXS: Never Tear Us Apart” spurred sales of a greatest hits album to No. 1 on iTunes with their 1987 album “Kick” at No. 2, 27 years after its release.  They were also the subject of a reality show in 2004 called “Rock Star INXS" to find a new lead singer whom they toured with before stopping in 2012.

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