Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think a jail can be haunted? According to the South Jersey Times, that’s what investigators believe about a Gloucester County Jail, which was shut down months ago and about 300 inmates moved. 

Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (JUMPS), headed by founder and CEO Doug Hogate Jr., of Pennsville, launched a two-day investigation last week to do two jobs for the county corrections department: debunk and confirm.

"A building doesn't have to be historic or long-abandoned to be haunted. Energy — whether positive or negative — inside of it can fuel activity," Hogate believes. Inmates' emotional state left their marks on the building's internal energy. Plus personnel tensions since the freeholders' controversial March vote to relocate prisoners and layoff jail staff is still fresh and could heighten the energy level that investigators believe helps spirits to manifest.

Before the lights went out for the late-night investigation Friday, Hogate said the team is "going into this like any investigation." "You don't know what to expect." What do you expect they will find?

Do you believe in ghosts?