Following that bizarre and scary incident in New York where several motorcycles swarmed around an SUV, and the driver was pulled out and beaten, charges of reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment have been filed against a biker from Passaic.

A motorcycle pulls in front of Range Rover (YouTube)

Prosecutors indicate those charges may soon be upgraded.

Many Jersey motorcyclists have expressed shock after viewing video of the incident that was captured from a motorcycle helmet-cam at the scene.

"Motorcyclists from around the Garden State and across the country have been chatting online about the incident in New York, and almost universally the comments that came out of it from motorcycle riders were that these people were an embarrassment," says the President of Central Jersey Rider Training, Tom Wright.

He says after watching the video, "that was way over the top, it was just unconscionable."

"That doesn't represent most motorcycle riders - motorcycle riders are no different than anybody else- sitting next to you in a restaurant or sitting at the next desk over."

Wright says sometimes bikers have to make a sudden move to avoid a problem.

"A lot of cars don't recognize what motorcyclists may need to do if there's a pothole or something in the roadway. While a car can usually drive over it, the motorcycle may need to swerve out of the way or take some kind of abrupt action," he explained.

If passenger car drivers don't feel comfortable with a lot of motorcycles near their vehicle, Wright says the drivers - if they don't do anything abrupt - that's a good thing.

"If they get nervous and do something the motorcyclist isn't expecting, that could catch them off guard and cause the motorcyclists to crash."

He added that "motorcyclists aren't any different than anybody else, it's moms and dads, it's fathers, sons. We have a wide variety of people."