Well, it really wasn’t my idea because its been around for hundreds of years, but the item in question is the monocle. A little explanation is necessary: I only need glasses for reading, but my vision isn’t the same in both eyes. My current work around is to buy a pair of generic, off the rack reading glasses at a drugstore, and then use a hammer to knock out one of the lenses.

It has been joked about that I should get a monocle, and now the New York Times reports that monocles are making a comeback among the hipster set. The article isn’t totally clear on whether the hipsters are using them to see or just as a fashion accessory; I would certainly use it if I had one. According to the BBC monocles fell from favor when they becomes associated with the German High Command during WWI. Colonel Klink and Colonel Mustard continued to wear them, though. I wonder if you have to squint constantly to keep it in place or if it wedges right in and stays. The New York Times says they are popular with chefs for reading recipes.