On today's show, Jeff and Bill were asking you if you ever had your house broken into and what living through that horror was like. We had testimonies from tons of New Jerseyans who talked about how they got in, what was stolen and just how scary it was. A while back, we had a caller give us the other side of the coin. He was a burglar when he was younger and he gave the audience some insight on how they do what they do. Check it out.

[Audio:http://nj1015.com/files/2012/10/Steve-From-Newark1.mp3|titles=Former Burglar Calls into Deminski & Doyle Show]

Maybe you can take Steve's advice. If someone knows the layout of your house, what you keep inside, or even something as simple as your address, you should take extra precautions.

Have you ever been had your house broken into? Take our poll and leave your story in the comment section below.