Anytime Christmas and Hanukkah come around, it’s always stressful for me.

I never know what to get for my wife.

That’s when I have to defer to my “wife gift buying expert”…my daughter.

She always seems to have the right answer for me. Something like, “….mom could really use ______!”

And then I feel like a fool. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been paying attention all this time.

But I wonder if the quandary is solely mine.

I mean…do husbands generally not know what to buy for their wives…while the wives always seem to know just what to get for their husbands?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’d be opening up presents from “Santa” Lynn, and say to myself, “God, how did she know I needed this”…or “I can’t believe she got me this!”

It never fails.

And here I am, each and every year, going through the same drill, asking the “wife gift buying expert” just what to get mommy.

So I wonder…do you have the same issue in your home?

Do husbands generally not know what to buy their wives, while the wives always know what to get their husbands?

If you’re a dude, do you know exactly what article of clothing or piece of jewelry to get your wife…and in just what size?

Guaranteed she knows yours.

Or maybe, just maybe, she’s doesn’t have a clue what to get you…although I see that as a rarity!

So with that, the Posse Poll….

Who’s better at the gift buying and the giving….wives for husbands or husbands for wives?