Mitt Romney says the nation's debt could grow to almost $20 trillion if the country re-elects President Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney arrives at a campaign rally at Westerville South High School in Ohio (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Romney also says his policies would do more to help middle-class families than the president's.

Campaigning in Ohio, where polls give the advantage to Obama, the Republican presidential nominee combined a sharper focus on the mounting debt with an insistence that middle-class families are struggling.

Said Romney: "I want to help them."

The national debt is $16 trillion and growing. Romney says the interest payments alone cost more than what the U.S. spends on several government departments combined.

Romney planned two additional stops Wednesday in Ohio.

Pro-Romney group airs new ad in Mich., Wis.

NEW YORK (AP) — An independent group that supports Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a new ad out that suggests President Barack Obama's economic policies are hurting children.

The group Restore Our Future announced Wednesday that it is spending $2.2 million to air the ad in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Polls indicate Wisconsin may be a presidential swing state this year. Michigan generally has tilted toward Obama and is viewed as less competitive.

The new ad addresses the high unemployment rate and mounting federal debt. It also appears to target women, by showing a girl starting kindergarten and suggesting that her future is less promising because of Obama's economic stewardship.

The group is run by former Romney advisers and has spent more than $44 million on ads since last spring.



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