Found this ugliness when I got to work today. Threw it in two days ago to have for lunch then forgot to eat. Two days later this is the result. As I walked it to the trash can every co-worker recoiled in horror. I thought okay, have to take a picture of this terrible sight. So here it is.

Now the funny thing I thought about was my dad. He would have still eaten it, finding the good parts and discarding what was inedible. He was born when the Great Depression was still going on. His family never really was prosperous. People who lived through the Great Depression learned to survive by doing whatever they had to do, and by wasting nothing. Even to the point that if they had great success later, they often still clung to frugality as part of their survival instincts. There’s a reason they were called the Greatest Generation.

Getting way to deep for a rotting banana, I know.

And I’ve certainly done my share of employing the five second rule and even pulling a bag of potato chips back out of the trash because hey, what was left inside the bag didn’t actually touch the rest of the trash. I once even found a pizza left in an oven for a whole weekend, and I still heated it up and ate it.