The existence of television series on DVD has made me feel like I'm in the loop!

I can finally catch up on all the programs that everyone else watches and talks about the next day at work.

I've been using Blockbuster Online for about seven years now, mostly for films, but lately I've taken advantage of their great stock of TV products.

I'm currently in the middle of Mad Men (a few more episodes to go until I'm completely caught up), Modern Family (one more season to go), and Entourage (the series ended, but I still have to rent the last season, which hasn't dropped in stores yet).

I plan on taking on many more series that are still in production (The Big Bang Theory, Shameless, etc.) and ones that have wrapped up completely (The Sopranos, Lost, etc.).

Plus, watching on DVD is definitely more enjoyable than watching programs live, or even on DVR. No commercials and no fast forwarding; there's nothing better.