The ink wasn't even dry from Governor Murphy's signature in May, and students here ILLEGALLY were applying for tuition assistance to New Jersey colleges and universities. The Governor signed the new law that month.

I know it's not their fault they are not here legally and we should have some sort of interim fix like a temporary student or worker status until this is straightened out by federal law. Rather than have "progressive" governors like Murphy come up with an "end around" to hurt taxpayers, he and other governors who are dealing with issues like this, lobby Congress or the Executive Branch and demand real immigration reform. But noooooo.

To show how compassionate and benevolent King Phillip is, he'd rather stick you with the responsibility of paying for this, and skirt around existing federal law. One of the students interviewed for this story stated she has managed to afford tuition by getting private scholarships. She wonders how many students – and would-be future doctors, lawyers and senators – dropped out because they couldn’t afford it.

Bingo! I couldn't afford it. Two of my three kids couldn't afford it and they weren't as smart as you, so guess what WE DIDN'T GO TO COLLEGE!! That student came here at age six from South Korea and is a good student. Some people aren't great students and should NOT go to college. Oh these kids are Americanized alright. The sense of entitlement is remarkable.

I'm not for sending kids back to where there parents came from or any harsh punishment, but rewarding the sin isn't the answer either. There are other ways to press Congress or the President to move the ball on immigration, but passing laws in individual states that hurt those taxpayers is flat out wrong. Solve the problem. Don't pass it off to your constituents and make them pay the bill. Hey Murph...I'd like to get exempt from paying federal income taxes! Could you work on that one for me?!

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