One of the arguments against supporting illegals being in our country, besides the fact thay they’re ILLEGAL, is that they’re a drain on the economy.

Especially when it comes to healthcare.

Illegals don’t have health insurance, thereby using hospitals as their primary care facilities anytime they have a medical issue.

That puts a strain on hospitals, causing charity care support to rise; which if the states don’t jump in to support them…hospitals close.

And we've seen that over the course of the last few years!

Cali has come up with a way to circumvent that.
According to this…..A restaurant workers' group and a Los Angeles community clinic have launched a unique cooperative to provide health coverage to a group of people excluded from federal healthcare reform — illegal immigrants.

The pilot program, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, offers preventive and primary care to low-wage, uninsured workers in the restaurant industry.

Legal immigrants and other restaurant workers who don't meet the criteria or cannot afford coverage under the healthcare law are also eligible.

Under the program, called ROC-MD, uninsured workers pay $25 a month so they can go to one of several clinics for physicals, basic dental care and treatment for common illnesses.

The coverage doesn't replace traditional health insurance but helps ensure that workers have a place to go for preventive care so they don't end up in emergency rooms.

David Hayes-Bautista, director of UCLA's Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture said that the new program makes fiscal sense, said "Emergency rooms are the providers of last resort, and they are very expensive," he said. "If people can be provided alternatives, that saves everyone money."

Yes it does, but it poses a conumdrum…that of encouraging illegals to stay in this country.

Yet, let’s be honest.

Outside of a few well publicized ICE raids on a number of illegal haunts, there really doesn’t seem to be a concerted effort on the part of the feds to alleviate the problem.

Especially given the fact that’s an election year.

After who does Obama want to piss off more?

The supporters of illegals, or those that are screaming for mass deportations.

While this puts a band aid on the problem, does it seem reasonable to you to have such a program in place?

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Do you see health care cooperatives for illegal immigrants a good Idea or bad?