Got bed bugs? Deptford High School does, and it won't shut down.

"Finding a bed bug does not mean that our school building is infested," reads a note from the school's principal. "Bed bugs are often unknowingly brought into the school by building occupants and as a result we may have future sightings."

The source of bed bugs, however, has yet to be determined.

Call me crazy, but I think one bed bug is one too many to keep a school open. Close it for a day and fumigate- what's so bad about that? I'm curious about who pushed for the school to be open.

Many callers shared their experience with bed bugs this morning, and expressed concern that the school would still want kids to come in.

Gina from Alpha was upset to hear how Deptford are handling this, and called them "irresponsible and ignorant" for keeping the school open. She said her kids attend Phillipsburg High School, and someone discovered a single bed bug there last week, too. The school remained open, but was investigated and treated with a low level pesticide until exterminators gave it the all-clear.

Joe from Trenton said he had to have an exterminator come three times to try and get rid of the bed bugs in his house, and only extreme temperature worked to kill the pests.

Pete from Old Bridge also experienced bed bugs which his family contracted from a movie theater. Getting rid of the invaders involved an exterminator and washing everyone's clothes in warm water. "You gotta change your lifestyle and keep clean," he said.

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