By Jeff Deminski

A report came out just this week about how terrible the problem of underemployment is in the Garden State. You may have a job, but it's either part time or beneath your skill level and education. From the it can't hurt department, I found this article on, written by Charles Purdy, Monster's Senior Editor, and thought I'd share it. Things many of us almost automatically put on a resume may not be the smartest way to go about it.

Here are the 10 terms:

1. “Salary negotiable”
2. “References available by request”
3. “Responsible for ______”
4. “Experience working in ______”
5. “Problem-solving skills”
6. “Detail-oriented”
7. “Hardworking”
8. “Team player”
9. “Proactive”
10. “Objective”

You can view the full article by Charles Purdy, as well as his reasoning behind all of these resume no-nos by clicking here.