War has been declared on the stink bug in New Jersey to the tune of 2.7 million dollars in federal funding announced by U.S. Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez. The research will be conducted at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University.



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As much as I would like to see the stink bug brought to justice, if given the choice of eliminating any bug in New Jersey, I’m not even sure the little brown bug makes my top ten. I posed this question to the New Jersey 101.5 audience Thursday night and we came up with a list. (One caller suggested Senator Frank Lautenberg ;) Please feel free to add or object if you like…


  1. Mosquito

They carry west nile virus, they bite and annoy so much that we used to welcome the spray trucks when we were young even though they were covering us with harmful DDT.  I’m reminded off David Brenner’s routine about the male mosquito being the one who buzzes in your ear but doesn’t bite, yet it’s the female mosquito who draws your blood and makes you itch in total silence. So when you hear a mosquito buzzing around your ear, don’t worry, it’s only the male and he  doesn’t bite, but when you hear nothing……


2.   Tics –

It was a tough decision not  to put them on top


3.   Wasps -

They make it practically impossible to enjoy your backyard on a hot day.


4.   Greenhead Flies-

They make it impossible to enjoy a South Jersey Beach


5.  Camelback Criket —


These crickets are bigger and when confronted, jump towards you like a grasshopper. I know exterminators who are afraid of them!


6.  Spiders -

They seem to be more prevalent this year. The brown recluse has also made its way to New Jersey. We had a caller who was bit and in the emergency room within an hour.


7Chiggers -


Mostly found in South Jersey, when these bugs bite, they lay eggs, which become the gift that keeps on giving


8.  Ants -

Once they come in, they seem to be everywhere!


9. Roaches -

The nightmare of every apartment dweller. Once they come into the building, they just migrate to whatever unit isn’t exterminating. What really sucks is that you could be as clean as can be , but if you have a dirty neighbor, look out!


10.  Flies -

For some reason, there always seems to be one or two who manage to stay alive through the air conditioning and live in my kitchen. They survive by being a millisecond quicker than the kitchen towel…..but  then I got the fly swatter……..