The question has come up as to whether those facing deportation have the right to an attorney. I can't see how they can have any rights since they're not citizens of this country. Yet some cities like New York are allocating taxpayer money to provide a legal defense fund for illegal immigrant representation. This is something I feel that should be handled in the private sector.

Here is a great opportunity for those who support the rights of the undocumented who march in protest and stage demonstrations to put their money where their mouth is. Those supporters, many of whom are celebrities, some of whom came here illegally or are power brokers, as well as the people themselves should create a legal defense organization. This way, they could develop a pool of lawyers who would either work pro bono or for low wages to help the cause.

They could stage fundraisers and benefit concerts that could bring in millions. We're Americans, we love to support causes. Those lawyers would be so much more passionate about arguing the cases than someone who was simply assigned to the case.

I'm not really sure what the argument would be, though. You're either here legally or you're not. What we really need is either a change in how people become United State citizens, or a law that would allow those already here to make a solid case based on their positive history in this country to stay.

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