Once again, New Jersey could be blessed with a champion if the Devils win the Stanley Cup, following in the footsteps of the Giants who won the Super Bowl last February.


Unlike the Giants parade, which was down the Canyon of Heroes in Manhattan, the Devils parade, could be down the streets of Newark, where the Prudential Center, their home arena, is located. There is something ironic here about  the devil residing in hell and the Devils playing in Newark. Then again I was born in Newark at St Mary’s hospital so who am I to talk?

If such a parade were to take place, the question begs to be asked, Would you go? I’m assuming that if such a parade were to happen, the city would be ready with the appropriate amount of police to handle such an event. Then again, is there an appropriate number of police to handle a hockey parade in Newark or is Mayor Corey Booker going to give his firefighting heroics a rest and don a uniform.

Newark is not really known as a hockey town and I’m thinking most of the Devils fan base is coming from the suburbs. This could be a field day for those people who live in Newark that prey on people coming from the suburbs. We’ve already had mobs of teens attacking and robbing people at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last month,. Interestingly enough, the NCAA Tournament games were held at the Prudential Center and those went off without a hitch.

Parade routes usually run through major parts of the city, not just the cleaned up parts abround the Prudential Center. Granted there a lot of good people living in Newark and this has nothing to do with how big of a Devils fan you are or aren’t. It has to do with how safe you would feel going with friends or taking your children to such an event.So how comfortable would you feel going to a parade in Newark if the Devils were to win the Stanley Cup? Please take our poll.