Maybe you've heard me mention that about 8 months ago we moved to Hunterdon County and that our house backs up to a good stretch of woods. While certainly not what you'd call rural, it's the closest to it of anywhere I lived. Seeing a turkey buzzard is no big deal in Hunterdon County. You see a lot crazier than that. But when you're like me and you grew up in Union County, seeing these bad boys on your roof when you're coming back from the bank is a little disconcerting. This is what I saw this morning. And this picture doesn't quite do them justice. These suckers were huge!

Jeff Deminski photo

Sure, they're only turkey buzzards you're thinking. Just some filthy scavenger birds looking for a quick hustle. I get it. But I don't know. Look at them. A little shifty? Maybe looking to branch out from scavenging into some home invasion? I say they're up to something. Take a closer look.

Jeff Deminski photo

In fact I can almost hear them talking now.

"Hey Frankie, is that that idiot from Union County down there?"

"Ah, da one takin' those pictures? Yeah, I think so."

"What say we rip his tires to shreds as soon as he goes in the house?"


Yep, the wildlife is definitely plotting something. I can feel it.

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